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A full range of eco-friendly, guaranteed services at competitive rates
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Electrostatic disinfecting spraying for COVID -19

We are prepared for emergency’s  24/7 @ (604) 274-0477 or regular routine disinfecting.




Why use electrostatic spraying?


Electrostatic Disinfection Spraying sanitizes and disinfects quickly and efficiently with the most thorough coverage available. 


Arodal uses hospital-grade disinfectant that is 99.9% effective at removing viruses, including influenza. Chemicals are Health Canada approved to kill the COVID-19 virus on 99% of all surfaces.

Electrostatic disinfecting spraying

for COVID -19

We offer scheduled electrostatic disinfecting program cleaning services at discounted prices.

For pricing, please call
(604) 274-0477
or email

      Clients include:

  • Transportation: commercial trucks, buses and heavy equipment

  • Public Facilities: schools and day cares

  • Commercial Offices

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Construction Sites

  • Recreation and Fitness Studios

  • Emergency Services: medical, naturopath and veterinary clinics


Arodal is committed to using environmentally responsible cleaning practices. We offer a full range of services, service plans and custom solutions using certified, EcoLogo and Green Seal products and cleaning methods. We'll work with you to create a cost effective cleaning strategy that makes sense for your business without compromising performance. 

A cleaning culture







Regular cleaning is essential to maintaining a clean, healthy work environment. A seasoned cleaner maintain and alert you to potential problems and advise of solutions. Regular maintenance services include:

  • vacuuming, floor sweeping and washing

  • dusting and sanitizing surfaces

  • disinfecting desks, door hardware and light switches

  • cleaning partitions, spot stain removal

  • tidy and sanitize washrooms, kitchens and eating areas

  • refilling dispensers, remove garbage and recycling

We offer a variety of plans with the flexibility to modify The most requested service schedules are:

  • bi-weekly

  • weekly,

  • bi-monthly

  • monthly

Add a specialized, seasonal or weekend service or we can create a custom solution. problem solved

We look to products certified by third party certification programs to ensure clients have access to uncompromising, proven solutions. EcoLogo and Green Seal programs are industry leaders, every step of a product's lifecyle verified as sustainable with the added bonus of clear consumers labelling. We use Hepa filtered vacuums, low impact cleaning methods and products that include,

  • VOC and phospate free hand soaps 

  • low impact, highly effective, odourless disinfectant 

  • phospate and alkaline free floor cleaners, recycled/recyclable garbage bags and paper products.



Window Cleaning

Making the most of sunny days. The Window Maintenance program provides customized window cleaning options. Spring and Autumn are popular periods, advanced booking is advised.


We service interior and exterior window installations in both commercial and industrial locations. Our specialist will clean, check seals and report damage


Carpet Cleaning

Protect your investment. Steam clean stubborn dirt, stains, odours and high traffic zones before they become long term problems.


We offer seasonal maintenance and custom solutions. Add upholstery to your cleaning regime to extend the life of chairs and sofas. Factor in drying times when you schedule a visit, advanced booking is recommended


Floor Maintenance

Not all hard surfaces are equal. Avoid potentially costly and disruptive repairs in high traffic areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and entrances. 


We will wash, buff and polish surfaces to optimal condition. Our specialists will check for damage and advise on maintenance. We have expertise maintaining concrete, linoleum, tile, wood and laminate


Power Washing

Low tech and effective. Power washing is a cost effective, low footprint method to safely clean sidewalks, awnings, entrances and open spaces. We service commercial and industrial locations. Power washing can reduce or eliminate 

  • oil stains in parking spaces

  • graffiti, dirt, gum and mold from walls and floors

  • slippery algae from sidewalks and steps


Post Construction

Speed and care. Experienced crews are available on short notice to handle residential and commercial clean-up. We offer competitive rates, speedy removal and cleaning of: 

  •  high-traffic entrances and public areas

  • walls, ceilings and doors: debris, dust, marks and scuffs

  • windows - checked and cleaned

  • parking lots and garages - pressure washed, swept and cleaned


Custom Plans & Services

Outside the box. We offer flexible, creative solutions for companies with unique spaces or cleaning requirements. Go à la carte or put us on speed dial for special events.


If you business operates on a weekend or seasonal schedule, have trendy textured surfaces acting as dust and allergen magnets or simply have awkward spaces, we can help with long term cleaning solutions.

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