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Contractor Training

Before cleaning, Arodal ensures contractors have the training and cleaning techniques required for each facility. Arodal provides the tools to produce confident and knowledgeable contractors that will be successful when cleaning an account.

All cleaning contractors must complete the mandatory comprehensive training program. This is conducted by an Arodal Manager and consists of informative training sessions and hands-on practical training.

General Training

  • Good Business Practices

  • Complete Work Safe Programs, WHMIS and MSDS.

  • How to Handle Inspection Procedures

  • How to Handle Complaints

  • Understanding Quality Assurance

  • Understanding Team Cleaning Procedures

  • Proper Alarm Procedures

  • How to use the Emergency Contacts and Protocols

  • Learn the Arodal Managers Emergency Procedures

Hands on Training

  • How to correctly use our Eco Green chemicals

  • How to properly use and care the cleaning equipment

  • How to correctly empty the trash

  • Learn the techniques of dusting and mopping

  • Learn proper washroom cleaning, lunchroom cleaning and office cleaning

  • Learn how to properly disinfect surfaces​

In addition, Arodal contractors are supplied with proper cleaning training videos.

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