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  • How many years has Arodal been in business?
    Over 50 years. Vancouver and the cleaning industry have changed but we're still here!
  • Does Arodal have a good reputation?
    Yes. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau - in good standing. We also have excellent client and contractor reviews - we have the lowest turnover rate of contractors in the business and many long term clients
  • Is there demand for cleaners?
    Yes. Cleaners are in great demand. Many companies are too busy to do the work so they turn to professional cleaning companies. Our sales team work hard to find qualify, long term contracts
  • Does Arodal offer benefits - medical, insurance?"
    Contractors do not qualify for employee benefits BUT WE DO OFFER ALL REQUIRED INSURANCES AND WORKSAFE.
  • Do I have to sell services?
    No. We have a sales team; refer all inquiries and leads to them.
  • Can I work in my local area?
    We cannot guarantee a specific area or driving time but we try to get contractors within 30 minutes of their preferred location.
  • Do I need a large vehicle?
    No. All of these items will fit into a small car.
  • What is a cleaning contract?
    Clients need cleaners; we find the business and cleaners. We charge a one time management fee for the business (contract) and a monthly administration fee to manage the contract.
  • Do I have to invest money?
    Yes. The size of your investment depends on the size of your contract. This is not a quick money investment, we advise contractors start small, make sure professional cleaning is a good fit. Contractors can increase their investment at any time.
  • Can I transfer the contract if I retire from cleaning?
    Yes. Contracts can be transferred to another person if a contractor decides to retire from cleaning.
  • Does Arodal offer free training - can I bring a friend?
    Yes. All training and education is free. Yes, you can bring a friend or family member. Some people work in teams or train up a friend/family member to cover sick days and vacations.
  • Do I have to be trained - I know how to clean?
    Yes. Orientation and training are mandatory. We have to make sure you understand your responsibilities and know how to use equipment.
  • Do I have to wear a uniform - who pays for it?
    Yes. Safety and security are important. It is important to be seen and recognized. Uniforms are $20.00- Arodal subsidizes the cost.
  • Do I have to buy equipment and cleaning products - does Arodal offer discounts?
    Yes. This is professional cleaning service. Clients expect quality products to be used and Arodal offers eco-friendly/Green Seal products at discounted rates.
  • What about taxes - how does that work?
    Contractors are not employees of Arodal so the company does not deduct taxes or issue a T4. Taxes are the contractor's responsibility. Some contractors start their own business. This allows them to write off the cost of doing business - gas, car expenses, equipment and supplies. Talk to your accountant.
  • Do I get paid during orientation and training?
    No. We invest resources, you invest time.
  • How many hours a week do I have to commit?
    For each $1000.00 of work estimate 8 hours a week. Important factors include: ​The size of your route (travel time) The number of people working the contract Experience ​First time contractors usually take longer but over time contact hours normally drop.
  • What time of the day - after 5 pm?
    Some clients specify a time, most can be serviced between 6 pm and start of business. Clients and security appreciate routines - we encourage contractors to clean at the same time each day.
  • How many days a week do contractors work?
    Plan on working Sunday through Thursday. Clients decide schedules. If you limit the days you work it will take longer to find a contract but we will try our best to accommodate your needs.
  • Do I have to work Saturday and Sunday - I have children?
    Plan on working Sunday through Thursday. Clients decide schedules. If you limit the days you work it will take longer to find a contract but we will try our best to accommodate your needs.
  • How much money can I make?
    It depends on the size of the contract(s).
  • When do I get paid?
    Contractors get paid after the client pays us. We pay contractors once a month
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