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Electrostatic Cleaning

Arodal’s electrostatic sprayers, combined with our cleaning solutions, provide 360-degree cleaning, so you can rest assured that even surfaces not visible have been thoroughly disinfected.

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What is electrostatic spraying?
Electrostatic spraying combined with our specialized cleaning solution allows solution to adhere to entire objects, even areas that are not in the direct aim of the spraying wand. This works by atomizing the spray, then inducing the droplets with a highly negative charge allowing the mist to adhere to the entire object through electrostatic attraction. 
Quicker turnaround time
Electrostatic Spraying speeds up turnaround time. This is ideal if you are navigating shared classrooms, shift schedules, high traffic areas or awkward spaces.

Electrostatic cleaning uses fine mist that dries in 3 - 5 minutes

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Is it safe?
Yes, the disinfecting chemical Arodal uses is Health Canada Approved and an EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant, which is non-irritating to the skin. It is a hypoallergenic formula, 100% biodegradable and is safe on soft surfaced items including fabric, furniture, carpet, natural stone, and plastic. It is NSF rated (D-2). No rinse is required on food contact surfaces at full strength and the solution has a one-year shelf life after opening.

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