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About Us

Deep roots - we are your neighbours

Established in 1971, Arodal is BC owned and operated. We provide a range of competitive janitorial services, ranging from office cleaning to exterior surfaces, post-construction clean-up and supplies. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, we are one of the oldest janitorial companies in Metro Vancouver with over 500 customers throughout the Lower Mainland. We have developed an intimate understanding of our market and customers, many choosing to stay with us for the long term.

Investing in success - consistent results

Customer service is built on consistency and stability. Arodal answers this challenge by recruiting people who share our values and long term goals, then invests in their success. We ensure our managers and cleaning crews have the knowledge, tools and procedures in place to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. We currently have over 200 cleaning crews, many with us for over 15 years and enjoy one of the lowest staff turnover rates in the industry. 

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Finger on the pulse - healthy workplaces

While everyday janitorial services haven't changed drastically, the way we deliver services certainly has. Employees are more environmental conscious, for many that means choosing ecologically sound cleaning systems. Companies are listening, so are we. Already committed to cost-effective alternatives, Arodal has embraced the challenge, adopting HEPA filtered vacuum systems and certified, environmentally friendly products to reduce our cleaning footprint. We welcome the opportunity to discuss integrated solutions with companies seeking broader change, expandeding our specialized services to include exterior surfaces and areas. 

Eliminate uncertainty - the Arodal Advantage

If you're looking for a local, experienced cleaning service with a great track record, Arodal won't disappoint. A well - tested business strategy, strong performance, seasoned management team and dedicated cleaning crews have positioned us well to meet challenges and stay the distance. We'd welcome the opportunity to discuss your cleaning needs.

Arodal's Management Team

August 2020

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